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Best Practice: Provide 1-2 hours of physical activity throughout the day, including outside play when possible.

Daily physical activity and active play time helps children to sleep better, learn more, and become comfortable with their environment. You can promote fitness, self-esteem, self confidence, learning, and more without specialized knowledge, fancy equipment, or a lot of money.

10 Simple Ways to Get Moving

  1. Spread paper plates on the ground and pretend they are rocks in a stream. Step from one to the other to get across “the stream”.
  2. Mow a maze and walk, crawl or slither through.
  3. When you go for a walk move in a straight line, a curvy path or backwards.
  4. Set up an obstacle course, inside or out. Include things that children can climb over, go around or crawl under.
  5. Find an open space and try rolling in different ways: straight body, curled up or down a hill.
  6. Blow bubbles outside. Chase and catch them before they pop.
  7. Pretend you're an animal - move and make sounds like that animal.
  8. Pretend to be a tiny seed in the ground and grow into a large flower.
  9. Make weather motions. Move your body like the rain the wind, a thunder storm or snow.
  10. Use movement words throughout the day such as - slide, sway, swing, hop, crawl, slither, bend doge, zig zag - to keep active movement on the top of everyone's mind.

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